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2013 17H imported Lusitano gelding 
Dublin do Arete x Qualtrilho HM

This eye catching 17H Buckskin Lusitano has competitive gaits and the talent and energy to make it to Grand Prix. He has shown 3rd Level, and is schooling the PSG movements.  He has a great start on piaffe, and has the ability for collection the breed is known for, but he will also be capable of big extended trots and has a ground covering canter and walk. 

The lateral work also comes easy to him, with lovely trot and canter half passes.  His single flying changes are clean, and he is working on 4 and 3 tempis.  

Although he is hot and sensitive by nature, he is absolutely not spooky, and enjoys trail rides around the farm on the buckle.  He has trailered to several new places and was well behaved. 

His ground manners are impeccable, he has no vices, and he loves his grooming time.  No lameness, colic, or allergy issues.

Jupiter is for sale only due to the fact that he turned out to be more horse than his AA owner needs, but he is absolutely suitable for an ambitious amateur in a program, and talented enough to be interesting for a professional to compete and finish to GP.  

Xrays available. 

Inquire for price

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